How much do your shows cost?

The fee depends on the size of the show, location of your event and time of year. The best & easiest way to get a price is to fill out this simple form describing your event and needs here: Request A Quote

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Are you on Social Media?

Yes!  Send me a friend request so we can be friends forever! FaceBook: Instagram: Twitter: @CurtMillerMagic

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Where can we see you perform?

Most of my performances are for corporate events, so it's difficult to see me in person.  However, I will be happy to brainstorm with you over the phone and give you ideas on the best way to integrate entertainment into your function.  If you have a very large event, I will sometimes meet with you to discuss options and give you some samples of my magic, if my schedule permits. My larger show ("The Curt Miller Magic & Comedy Show") is generally open to the public, so check my homepage for dates and locations.

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Are you any good? This event is a big deal and I can’t take any chances!

Well you shouldn't take any chances! It's important to find entertainment that will appeal to everyone in your group, and everyone loves a good magician! It's also important that the material be clean (inoffensive), especially in the corporate environment. I've been performing professionally for over 25 years (including 5 years at Houston's Magic Island) and racked up literally thousands of magic shows for some of the largest companies across the U.S. I perform almost exclusively for corporate events, so I'm in a great position to help you make your event a success! Yeah, I'm pretty good!

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Should we have you do a Stand-Up Show or Walk-Around Magic?

If people are seated and facing one direction, go for the Stand-Up Show. If people are just mingling at your event (not seated), go for the Walk-Around magic. If you're serving dinner, go for both: an hour or two of Walk-Around Magic before dinner, then a Stand-Up Show immediately after dinner. Do NOT schedule me during dinner, as it's always tough to compete with food for attention!

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Do you travel?

You bet. I perform all over the country. The shows are easily transportable, and thanks to Southwest Airlines, so am I!

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Do you need much room to perform?

That depends on the show. For the smaller show, my space requirements are very minimal. I need to be in a well lit area with your group in front of me (not directly to the sides or behind). The larger shows, however, do have space requirements. Please visit the Comedy Magic Show pages for the scoop on the shows and their requirements.

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