FOR Kathy Dow of

Curt Miller will be referred to as the entertainment supplier in this document.

Kathy Dow will be referred to as the client in this document.

The undersigned engages the performer named hereinafter for the engagement described below, and the performer agrees to so perform.

1. Name of Performer(s): Curt Miller
2. Performance Date: 07/04/2022
3. Event: Family Reunion
4.  Event Location Name: April Sound community
5. Location Address: 130 Harbour Town Court Montgomery 77356
6. Performance Type: 6 PM Walk-Around Magic; 6:45 PM Magic Show (end by 7:30 PM)
7.  Performance Time: 6:00 PM

8. Client Name: Kathy Dow
9. Client Company:
10. Client Email: Kaydeedow@gmail.com
11. Client Phone: 201 280 3010 

12. Performance Fee: $650.00
13. Deposit due = $0, due by
14. Balance due = $650.00, due by 07/04/2022

PLEASE MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: CURT MILLER, 4102 Mischire Drive, Houston, TX 77025-4026


  1. Because this date is being reserved especially for this event, any deposits are non-refundable and should not be construed as Liquidated damages with exception for the following provision: If we are prevented from fulfilling this contract or any element thereof, because of Acts of God, strikes, illness, or other causes beyond our control, we shall not be in breach, subject to your reasonable approval, failing which approval this agreement shall terminate without obligations of either of us to the other, except that we will return to you the sum paid on execution hereof.
  2. Receipt of this contract confirms a verbal contract between the above mentioned Purchaser and Curt Miller Productions Inc. (also called CMP). In the event that cancellation by Purchaser should be necessary, the above mentioned Purchaser is required to cancel this contract with CMP, in writing, no less than 90 days prior to the scheduled event. If purchaser should fail to cancel said contract in accordance with this contract, Purchaser agrees to pay to CMP the sum of the performance fee. Again, this is because this date is reserved especially for this event to guarantee the performer's availability.
  3. Video Recording of the performance is not allowed at this event.
  4. Any “open bars” should be closed during the performance for maximum effectiveness.
  5. For shows “A”, “B” and larger, CMP will need the room for setup at least four hours prior to guests arriving.
  6. For shows “A”, “B” and larger, CMP requests dinner for 4 people (cast and crew)

The undersigned agrees to the terms of this agreement on behalf of his or her organization or business.

I, Kathy Dow, sign this document stating I have read and agreed to all of the above in cooperation with Curt Miller Productions, Inc..

All terms of this contract are contingent upon strike, accidents, or other causes beyond our control.

Curt Miller Productions, Inc. Representative

06/28/2022 (electronically signed)
Curt Miller

Client Representative

Signed on 6-28-2022 10:22PM
IP Address: